(2014) Principles of Good Transitions 2 – improving post school transitions.

principles of good transitions 2 front page

The Principles of Good Transitions document covers the 7 clear principles of transitions. These principles should be embedded in practice and work philosophies to enable successful transitions to take place. The Principles of Good Transitions document addresses transition principles across a range sectors and environments and a wide range of additional support needs. It also lists actions that would help to put these principles into practice in line with current (as of April 2014)and developing legislation and policy.

The document has been endorsed by over 30 different multi sector organisations across Scotland as approaches and philosophies they work towards or wish to embed further in their practice.  By following these principles we can ensure greater positive experiences for young people with additional support needs as they move into adult life.

This document has been written with a wide range of professions at its heart these include:

  • Third sector organisations
  • Pre and post 16 education establishments
  • Social work and Social care organisations
  • Health and allied health professionals.
  • Local Authorities
  • Policy and Legislative professionals.
  • Employment and training
  • Public Sector Services (such as housing and welfare)

We hope that Local Authorities and other will get involved with the forum and set up their own transitions forum and pathway as laid out in the document. We are currently offering support to those who wish to achieve these principles and can do so in a number of ways.

If you wish to become involved yourself, just want to find out more or interested in supporting the work of our members please get in touch with us (scott.read@arcuk.org.uk) and we will do all we can to help you achieve your goals.

Please be patient when downloading the document as it is quite large.