Principles of Good Transitions 3

The Principles of Good Transitions 3 provides a framework to inform, structure and encourage the continual improvement of support for young people with additional needs between the ages of 14 and 25 who are making the transition to young adult life.

We recognise that transitions occur throughout a person’s life, however there is a large body of evidence to suggest that young adult transitions can be particularly problematic for many people with additional support needs.

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Young people should get the support they need

This means:

  • Eligibility criteria should be applied equitably across Scotland
  • Support should be available for those who do not meet eligibility criteria
  • An improved understanding of the number of young people who require support and levels of unmet need
  • Planning and decision-making for services should be done in partnership with young people and their carers
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A continued focus on transitions across Scotland

This means:

  • The Scottish Transitions Forum working collectively to promote the Principles of Good Transitions and improve practice across Scotland
  • A continued focus on transitions within policy and legislative developments
  • Learning good practice from project-funded work and embedding this into sustainable longer-term strategies
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