Principle 7.  A continued focus on transitions across Scotland

Summary of Principle 7

The Scottish Transitions Forum working collectively to promote the Principles of Good Transitions and improve practice across Scotland

The Scottish Transitions Forum will continue to actively engage with our members, Scottish Government, professional bodies, young people, parents and carers, and other national organisations to promote and support the implementation of the Principles of Good Transitions 3 into planning and practice as detailed in the delivery plan, and evaluate its effectiveness for improving joined-up working across Scotland.

A continued focus on transitions within policy and legislative developments

Current developments in legislation and policy surrounding transitions offer a positive framework to improve the experience of young people. However, the Scottish Government recognises that the policy and legislation relating to transitions for those with additional support needs are complicated.

Learning good practice from project-funded work and embedding this into sustainable longer-term strategies

It is important the support provided by successful time-limited project work is sustained in the long-term and that learning and expertise is not lost. Learning from project outcomes and the good practice developed needs to be embedded into other strategic, operational and practitioner level processes. This should apply not only within the area in which projects operate, but also used as best practice examples for national consideration to enhance effective and equitable work in transitions.

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