The Scottish Transitions Forum is supported by the Association for Real Change (ARC Scotland).

ARC Scotland is a charity that advances knowledge, practice and policy in health and social care for the benefit of people with learning disabilities or other support needs such as autism, mental health problems, sensory and physical disabilities. We are driven by our vision of people with learning disabilities or other support needs being at the heart of their services and communities. We are committed to involving people who receive support from social care agencies in everything we do, and are leading the way in helping others to do the same.

Our networks and forums bring together professionals, supported people, carers, academics, Scottish Government, Parliament and others from all over Scotland to advance knowledge, practice and policy and make a real difference to peoples’ lives.

We are specialists in health and social care training. Our social enterprise, ARC Scotland Training, provides SQA accredited awards and a range of specialist learning options to practitioners at all levels to improve their knowledge, motivation and practice. We re-invest the surpluses we make in our project work.

We are proud that so many people choose to work with us. Together we are achieving real change that is improving the lives of supported people in Scotland. Please contact us to get involved.


For more information visit the ARC Scotland website at