Divergent Influencers Report – “Hear Our Voices, Respect our Choices”.

The Divergent Influencers, a group facilitated by the Scottish Transitions Forum, have launched the findings from a Scotland wide consultation process carried out by young people with young people with additional support needs.

The consultation aimed to capture the most important things that help young people have a positive transition identify where they were most unhappy, or felt most supported identify what helped them be more independent as they moved into young adulthood.

Through their consultation, the DIs have brought to light important findings to better inform our understanding of how young people experience this crucial time in their lives.

This report will be of value to those taking part in the Principles into Practice trials, Scottish Transitions Forum members, the Scottish Government and others seeking to make much needed improvements to support for young people who require additional support and their families.

The consultation was undertaken to inform the design of a new digital application called COMPASS, which will provide information through transition to young people who need additional support and their families. It will also enable young people, parents, and carers to feed back their experiences to their local authority to help make support and services better for other people.

COMPASS is part of a trial programme to improve transitions called Principles into Practice that began in January 2021 in 10 local authority areas with support from ARC Scotland and the Scottish Government.

You can find out more about the programme here: www.pn2p.scot.