Meet the Divergent Influencers

ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project – self titled the Divergent Influencers – funded by EsmeĆ© Fairburn is a coproduced participation project.

Working with the Divergent Influencers in a partnership approach we ensure they and other young people will be able understand their rights and entitlements, including; Meeting with them in schools, colleges, youth and advocacy groups, through providing accessible information through film, website and other media, face to face training and events.

Divergent Influencers Consultation findings

The Divergent Influencers launched their consultation findings on the 25th of November 2021.

You can find a copy of the report below.

You can download a copy of the report here

Divergent Influencers notable work to date

The Divergent influencers have been busy working on lots of projects including:

  • A Quaranzine detailing their experience of Lockdown
  • Engaging in National events as spoke people for the experience of Young people in transition
  • Training New students in Social work and nursing in what lived experience of transition is like
  • Consultations across Scotland they co produced and codesigned in partnership with a software company
  • Working with PASSIO ( a software company) to help design an Application that helps support young people with additional support needs in Transition.
  • Supporting the roll out of The Principles into Practice Framework across Scotland
  • A regular podcast capturing their thoughts and experience of moving into young adult life and other issues
  • Engaging with specialist and experts in issues affecting all young people in weekly meetings
  • Working with a legal team to ensure data privacy information is as easy to understand as it can be.
  • Discussing Transitions with Independent Living Scotland for their Transitions fund
  • Engaging with other youth participation groups across Scotland
  • Creation of a guide for media on how to engage effectively with young people with additional support needs

You can find out what else they have been up to beyond all the above and find out more about them by clicking through each image.