Supporting Positive Paths, Edinburgh  


As a service Positive Paths is entirely guided by our members and their families. We support young children and adults with Additional Support Needs to develop lifetime learning, sense of belonging and social aspect to life.

Our members are encouraged to be are very present in their community with a central focus on emotional well being both for members and their families as they transition through different stages (paths) in life. As things change so does our support. We provide a fluid service for both day support and the social side of life.


Children- by encouraging children to begin to mix with peers, develop friendship and socially interact through play we start the confidence building early; building of strong and stable relationship with a goal of a consistent base from which transition can be supported through school and beyond.


Adults- as members leave school/college/change direction-goals change often and we change our support to facilitate members to achieve their future paths. We encourage members to do this with other members- share experience and paths with those who actually know what they are feeling and barriers they are facing. This also allows members to share costs of support.

As friendships develop through shared experiences the social aspects of life develop from catching up at the weekend to going on holiday together. This provides respite where both members and families are relaxed.


Case study – AB aged 18 years left school Summer 2016.

AB joined Positive Paths when he was still at school at 16. AB and his family wanted AB to begin his transition from school by developing friendships outwith school in the community. AB joined a Wednesday social evening (Wicked Wednesday) weekly. AB developed his confidence while having fun and becoming familiar in new social situations. AB continued with Positive Paths during school holidays joining our days services meeting new friends and develop new skills and learning. As AB left school to attend college Positive Paths supported him at college which reduced the anxiety of change for him and his family. AB and his family decided to explore positive paths respite services – at 17 joined friends to go on holiday to the highlands – his first holiday away from home.


Case study – DR aged 19 years left school summer 2015

DR had very set goals he wanted to achieve- college and attaining further education dreams, meeting Susan Boyle and Nicola Surgeon. Achieved them all!

As confidence in general built DR asked to socialise more often and meet new people. DR has his own mobility vehicle and told us it was important to have support who could drive so he could achieve his freedom without relying on his family. DR goals change regularly as his achievements are attained and Positive Paths are guided by DR as to what he next wants to achieve. We feel privileged be part of DR life path.


A Positive Future – Positive Paths aims to support members as they reach stages of change, providing a base from which members feel they are supported in their life choices and goals whether with us or moving forward confidently to new services and experiences. Those members who stay with us become can become part of the team to support new members in their Paths sharing their achievements providing role models for Positive futures.


Lisa Hunter – Managing Director and Owner Supporting Positive Paths CIC