GUEST BLOG – Metamorph-Fit: Beating the winter blues!

Beating the winter blues – ten top tips

December 2020

Looking after yourself isn’t self indulgent – it’s vital, especially if you spend a lot of your time caring for others! A parent/carer shares her ten top tips to help you prioritise your own health and wellbeing

  • Watch something that’s going to make you laugh – a TV programme, movie, or read a funny book.
  • Make some tasty treats, Christmas cookies or tasty cakes. It doesn’t have to be a complicated recipe. There are lots of simple recipes online.
  • Movement is great for our physical and mental health. From a gentle stroll, to a jog, walk the dog, cycle or even take on a hike, whatever works around your own family. Why not get the family involved too?
  • Take time for that all important catch up with family and friends over on the phone or even a video call. 
  • You can’t beat a good board games session – whether it’s Hungry Hippos, Monopoly or a simple game of Snap with playing cards. It’s one of the best ways to pass a few hours and  have lots of laughs too.
  • Take time out for you, do something that makes you happy. It might be reading a book, listening to music, a podcast, or watching your favourite TV programme or favourite movie. Or do you have a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up?
  • Don’t just make yourself a cuppa. Switch off from everything else and take the time to sit still and enjoy your cuppa.
  • Go outside, even for 10 minutes a day. Wrap up and enjoy the fresh air, you’ll feel the benefit of it afterwards.
  • In a world that is extremely busy and demanding, most of us will find our mobile phones add to this. If you can choose a day that works best for you commit to a digital detox. It may sound hard but it’s liberating and rewarding to stay off your phone. Only answer essential calls or texts from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, no social media or emails – it’s just for one day a week!

Another way to help support our wellbeing is using a meditation app. Taking time out to meditate can help with stress, anxiety and help benefit sleep. I find Insight Timer a great one – it has over 70,000 free guided meditations. I’ve attached the link here: Other apps are available too and many are free, so find one you like and make it part of your day.

I hope you find this helpful.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy holiday season!

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Julie is a specialist personal trainer with a passion for health and wellness, and is the parent/carer of a young man with autism. For more information visit Metamorph-Fit is also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.