Kieran Massey

Hi, I’m Kieran Massey…

I am your friendly neighbourhood inspirationalist. 

I’m interested in independent travel and young people being independent in their life. 

I think it’s important young people are inspired to live the life they want. I think it’s important young people have a voice.

Person centred planning can help us do that and I like discussing this with people and inspiring them to do more.

I like Politics, debate, public speaking, superhero films, comic books, photography, pizza, comedy (we all need a bit of humour in our lives) and ideas some people might find controversial.

Things I’ve been working on:

  • Radio interviews for BBC Scotland
  • Documentary for BBC Scotland
  • Cofacilitating the big plan with Thistle Scotland
  • Filmed as part of a BBC documentary on Transitions ( due out Autumn 2021) on BBC Scotland.