Laura Glennie

Laura Glennie

Hello, I’m Laura

I am an innately curious person. This makes me analytical and critical, but also someone who is determined to challenge the status quo and strive for positive change.

My specific interest is in using Communication Design and Cultural Programming to capture and create change for young people who are ‘Coming of Age.’

I know that in education there are practical examples of support for young people in transition (funding access, mental health support, the induction process). Myself and my peers with additional support needs have had positive and negative experience using these services.

However, I feel that often the most practical support for a young person would be contextual (considering realities and options for marginalised groups) and more nuanced to individual circumstances.

In my own experience in transitions, it takes one trusted adult within the whole process to ensure that not only will you PRACTICALLY achieve a transition but mentally, financially and physically too.

However, I am interested in using filmmaking, event planning and collaboration to help young people guide themselves to these helpful conclusions.

Otherwise, in my spare time I like being with my sweet cat Angel, learning Japanese on Duolingo and sewing

Things ive been working on include:

  • Working with the Fraser Allander Institute discussing the economics of change
  • Developing and commissioned to support the Quaranzine work
  • Discussion with BBC Scotland and other Media outlets about representation