Luke Murphy

Hey my name is Luke.

I am a young adult who happens to live with a disability.

Due to my experiences I find there are a lot of barriers in society that make it hard for me to live an active and independent life.

I have become determined to use the life skills I have to battle these barriers and hopefully try and break them down for others who face the same issues.

I am passionate about raising awareness on the lack of changing places toilets as I believe we all have a right to access the basic facility of a toilet safely and with dignity. You can find out more about me at my Blog page.

I am also a proud open person about the fact I am queer. However as a disabled queer person its is very hard to access LGBT spaces due to lack of access. Over the years many before me have realised this but as a young person I want to be involved in changing this for the better. Especially for other young people who are queer and disabled.

I have been working on:

  • Interviews around faith and disability for BBC Radio Scotland Kay Adams show
  • Working with PAMIS on accessible toilet layouts and architecture
  • Helping the Divergent Influencers work out what our principles and expectations are
  • Working with the Fraser Allander institute on thoughts around the last election (May 2021)
  • Filmed as part of a BBC documentary on Transitions ( due out Autumn 2021) on BBC Scotland.