ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project funded by Esmeé Fairburn is coproduced with a dedicated team of young people from across Scotland.

Working with the Young Leaders Project team in a partnership approach we ensure they and other young people will be able understand their rights and entitlements, including; Meeting with them in schools, colleges, youth and advocacy groups, through providing accessible information through film, website and other media, face to face training and events.

We are supporting our Young Leaders Project team to pursue changes in areas they have identified. You can find out more about these below.

You can check out their podcast here.

Divergent Influencers

Team Members

Rameez Young leader project team member. Rameez looks directly at the camera holding his bag over his shoulder and smiling.

Hey, I’m Rameez,

I think communication is really important to make the world a better place and for everyone in it. 

Young people need to be able to explore their world safely and know what’s appropriate and how to treat others with respect.

We should never judge or hurt other people just because we don’t understand them.

We need to be able to express ourselves safely and trust others in the community we chose to be in. 

I want to help explore these ideas safely and see what we can do to help one another.

I like film, science, debate, philosophy, humour and expressing myself through different mediums. 

Laura Glennie Young Leader Project Team member. Laura is wearing an orange shirt and looks directly at the camera.

Hello, I’m Laura

I am an innately curious person. This makes me analytical and critical, but also someone who is determined to challenge the status quo and strive for positive change.

My specific interest is in using Communication Design and Cultural Programming to capture and create change for young people who are ‘Coming of Age.’

I know that in education there are practical examples of support for young people in transition (funding access, mental health support, the induction process). Myself and my peers with additional support needs have had positive and negative experience using these services.

However, I feel that often the most practical support for a young person would be contextual (considering realities and options for marginalised groups) and more nuanced to individual circumstances.

In my own experience in transitions, it takes one trusted adult within the whole process to ensure that not only will you PRACTICALLY achieve a transition but mentally, financially and physically too.

However, I am interested in using filmmaking, event planning and collaboration to help young people guide themselves to these helpful conclusions.

Otherwise, in my spare time I like being with my sweet cat Angel, learning Japanese on Duolingo and sewing.

Kieran - Young leaders team. Kieran wears a red hoodie and looks off to the side of the camera.

Hi, I’m Kieran Massey…

I am your friendly neighbourhood inspirationalist. 

I’m interested in independent travel and young people being independent in their life. 

I think it’s important young people are inspired to live the life they want. I think it’s important young people have a voice.

Person centred planning can help us do that and I like discussing this with people and inspiring them to do more.

I like Politics, debate, public speaking, superhero films, comic books, photography, pizza, comedy (we all need a bit of humour in our lives) and ideas some people might find controversial.

Ryan - Young Leaders Project team. Ryan looks at the camera doing a lungful move with a blue background.

Hello, I’m Ryan

I feel not enough is being done to help support young people with additional support needs in education and beyond into young adult life.

For instance, mental and physical health for young people with additional support needs is really important.

We need to encourage young people to have healthy bodies and healthy minds and enable them to achieve more.

Young people need to be able to travel independently in the most appropriate way possible to them but frequently face any barriers. How do we make sure that people can access their wider community and world by breaking down these barriers?

We cannot afford to be careless with how we treat each other. We need to treat each other with respect, patience, integrity, responsibility and empathy. A little empathy goes a long way.

Life and friendship are not a business. If you want to be understood well and have good relationships, we need to look deeper than the surface. 

Claire - Young Leaders Project team. Claire sits in her shell chair looking at he sky holding her hair in her hand.

Hi, everyone, My name is Claire D’All,

Since my early teen years, I have had to speak up for what support I require to live my life to the fullest. These meetings were very stressful for my parents and I.

I constantly felt like no one was listening to me and that I was going around in a vicious circle.

This is something that I don’t want others to face and I feel things need to change for this system to improve, which is what I aim to do.

I’m also very passionate in spreading awareness for physical disabilities through my blog A Journey In My Wheels, especially awareness of venue accessibility for people living with a physical disability. Through my blog and writing reviews for Euan’s Guide I continue to do this. Although again more needs to be done, especially in the area off accessible holidays.

Everyone deserves a nice, stress free break away and more knowledge, equipment, etc is needed for this.

Luke - Young Leaders Project team member Luke looks at the Camera showing his tattoo.

Hey my name is Luke.

I am a young adult who happens to live with a disability.

Due to my experiences I find there are a lot of barriers in society that make it hard for me to live an active and independent life.

I have become determined to use the life skills I have to battle these barriers and hopefully try and break them down for others who face the same issues.

I am passionate about raising awareness on the lack of changing places toilets as I believe we all have a right to access the basic facility of a toilet safely and with dignity. You can find out more about me at my Blog page.

I am also a proud open person about the fact I am queer. However as a disabled queer person its is very hard to access LGBT spaces due to lack of access. Over the years many before me have realised this but as a young person I want to be involved in changing this for the better. Especially for other young people who are queer and disabled.

Hi, I’m Abbie

And I live for musical theatre. My mission is to make the theatre accessible for every one of all shapes and sizes.

I think there needs to be better representation on and off the stage and TV and in entertainment of all sorts of people.

Everyone has a story worth telling and a song worth singing so let’s give a voice to the people left in the wings.