Emergency planning – transition during COVID-19

School closures mean some young people have now effectively left school far earlier than expected. Transition planning might not have taken place yet. So what happens now?

First, help and support is available. The links on this page are a good place to start. They’ll help you find out what you need to think about over the coming months and where you can get more information. Don’t try and do everything at once! It’s better to take your time and get it right than rush into something that isn’t going to work.

Then you need a plan. Writing things down helps you focus and stay in control. It also makes it easier to see what you need to do right now and what can wait a while. The website Talking About Tomorrow tells you how to go about making your own transition plan.

Next, you need support. This can be the hard bit, but with good information and a plan you can work out what’s most important to get in place. Be realistic about what you can do yourself, and what you can’t. Have a backup plan in case things fall through or take a while to sort out.

Finally, don’t feel you have to get everything sorted by the summer. If you’re not clear about what’s available or what’s best in the long run, focus on the short term and working out how to structure the week right now. That will give everyone breathing space to think things through. Opportunities will still be there in the autumn and beyond, and taking time to find the right choices and support could make all the difference.