Sharing parents’ top tips for the new normal

When so much has changed so quickly, where do you start? Here’s a list of things families tell us are helping them focus on staying positive.


  • Try and get into a routine and stick to it. It will help reduce your young person’s stress in adjusting to the sudden change from being in school for much of the day.
  • If you can, ask family and friends for help – if they’re at home more than normal just now, perhaps they could spare a couple of hours a week to help you track down information or make phone calls.
  • Being at home might make it easier to have lots of short conversations with your young person, rather than long intense ones that can be stressful or off putting. Find out what they want their future to be – start with what they like or don’t like, or what they want their life to be like.
  • Use this time to help your young person develop their life skills. This will benefit them way into the future, whatever happens next.
  • Think positively. If something clearly isn’t going to happen at the same time or in the same way as for other families, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen at all.
  • Connect with other parents – through social media, carers’ organisations, forums and networks. There’s no better source of information and support than other people in the same boat.
  • Take care of you. If you can, talk to others about how you’re feeling or keep a journal – written or recorded on your phone. Take chances to do things you enjoy without feeling guilty.