Rameez Hag – Divergent Influencer

Hey, I’m Rameez,

I think communication is really important to make the world a better place and for everyone in it. 

Young people need to be able to explore their world safely and know what’s appropriate and how to treat others with respect.

We should never judge or hurt other people just because we don’t understand them.

We need to be able to express ourselves safely and trust others in the community we chose to be in. 

I want to help explore these ideas safely and see what we can do to help one another.

I like film, science, debate, philosophy, humour and expressing myself through different mediums. 

Things I’ve been involved in directly are:

  • Training Edinburgh University Students about what Autism means and how to teach people better
  • Fraser Allander podcast series around economics and Politics
  • Helping the media to understand how better to approach people how may have additional support needs