Ryan Cuzen

Hello, I’m Ryan

I feel not enough is being done to help support young people with additional support needs in education and beyond into young adult life.

For instance, mental and physical health for young people with additional support needs is really important. 

We need to encourage young people to have healthy bodies and healthy minds and enable them to achieve more.

Young people need to be able to travel independently in the most appropriate way possible to them but frequently face any barriers. How do we make sure that people can access their wider community and world by breaking down these barriers?

We cannot afford to be careless with how we treat each other. We need to treat each other with respect, patience, integrity, responsibility and empathy. A little empathy goes a long way.

Life and friendship are not a business. If you want to be understood well and have good relationships, we need to look deeper than the surface.

Things I have been working on:

  • A short film about transition
  • I am an ILF transitions fund ambassador
  • Recording podcasts with the Fraser Allander Institute
  • Taking part in Getting Transitions Right Training with ARC Scotland
  • BBC News story around transition with Iain Hamilton and the ILF fund
  • The listening project part of BBC radio 4
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold award
  • Member of Children in Scotland’s Advisory group for the upcoming nurturing talent: new routes program – https://childreninscotland.org.uk/nuturing-talent-fund-new-routes-2021/