Staying Safe Event – Feedback Report & Presentations

Staying Safe: Exploring the needs of young people with additional support needs who experience or present with Harmful Sexual Behaviour and their families

This event was held on Monday 4th February at Norton Park Conference Centre in Edinburgh. It was the first of two interconnected events being organised in partnership between SOLD, the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, and the Scottish Transitions Forum. Both events focus on the subject of Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) and young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN), and exploring inclusive strategies for prevention and early intervention.

The purpose of this event was to engage with professionals, families and young people with lived experience of these issues, and to gain insight into how it feels to be struggling with these behaviours, what supports are needed, what motivates HSB in young people with ASN, and examples of positive interventions or support.

Individual feedback from attendees , along with notes from the round table discussions, were collated into a report that will help to inform the content of our follow-up event: ‘Prevention, Intervention & Inclusion: Harmful Sexual Behaviour and young people with additional support needs’, which will take place on 3rd April in Glasgow.


Download the Staying Safe Event Feedback Report


Download presentations:

What do we know about harmful sexual behaviour? Carole Murphy

Supporting & Preventing Sexualised Behaviour – Joanne Barrie

The Halt Service – Stewart Evers and Shona Robertson

My Experience of Supporting James – a case study

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