Children and Young People in Conflict with the Law Supplement

Cover of the supplement

This Law Supplement to the Principles of Good Transitions 3 has been written by the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ), with support from the Scottish Transitions Forum and the SOLD Network.


It brings together information for all those who work with these children and young people in any setting – in the community, through services, at school or in a residential setting – and combines this with words from the young people themselves.


“it’s important for me to be a part of the plans and reports written about me, and for people to know the good things about me”

Young Person – Secure Care Standards


Principles of Good Transitions 3 provides a framework to inform, structure and encourage the continual improvement of support for children and young people with additional support needs between the ages of 14 and 25 who are making the transition to young adult life. These principles apply equally to those children and young people who are vulnerable because they are in conflict with the law, or are at risk of being so.


“This publication is for everyone who works with children and young people who are in conflict with the law or at risk of this. It is relevant to all settings and all organisations and services that play a part in children and young people’s lives.”

Dr Gill Robinson

Chair, Improving Life Chances Implementation Group, Youth Justice Improvement Board


Download the Children and Young People in Conflict with the Law supplement


Life Shortening Conditions Supplement, CHAS 2017

This guidance is intended to be used alongside the Principles of Good Transitions 3 (2017). It is hoped this guidance will provide specific information for anyone who is supporting a young person with a life-shortening or life- threatening condition. Young people with life shortening conditions have complex health needs and will often require specialist palliative care, and it is important to have an understanding of these services as well as an understanding of the impact of living with such a diagnosis.

This supplement was written on behalf of Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) by Claire Turnbull.

Download: Life Shortening Conditions Supplement

Facing the Future Together Report

Facing The Future Together

This report describes the findings from two national surveys that set out to hear the voices of young people with additional support needs and those of their parents and carers about their experiences of leaving school and moving into adulthood. Each survey explored:

  • The nature of the support received by young people and their parents and carers in the lead up to leaving school
  • The experience of the transition itself
  • Life in the post-school period
  • How transitions support for young people and their parents and carers could be improved

A total of 740 responses were received across the two surveys, 270 from young people, and 470 from parents and carers. Responses were received from people who live in all 32 Scottish local authority areas.

Everyone’s experience of transition will be different. This report seeks to represent that diversity by quoting directly from young people and their parents and carers. We believe that the responses we received speak for themselves and we have not sought to comment on them. However we do provide some broad conclusions.

This study supports and highlights the importance of the continuing implementation of the Principles of Good Transitions 3 and is broadly consistent with the findings of other research in this area.

Autism Transitions Supplement

autism supplement

This Autism Transitions supplement has been developed as a result of Scotland-wide consultation in relation to autism and transitions. It has been produced by Autism Network Scotland, in collaboration with the Scottish Transitions Forum, part of the Association for Real Change (ARC) Scotland.

This supplement is intended to improve access to appropriate transitions for autistic people as laid out in Outcome 4 of The Scottish Strategy for Autism Strategic Priorities. Outcome 4 states “people with autism are able to participate in all aspects of community and society by successfully transitioning from school into meaningful educational or employment opportunities.”

The supplement identifies key practice considerations, tools and resources. Which along with the seven Principles of Good Transitions, will ensure autistic people and their families have access to appropriate transition planning.