Survey report: parents and carers on the impact of COVID-19 on transition planning

Our survey reveals the concerns of parents and carers across Scotland about the impact of COVID-19 on young people’s planning and future prospects, and its knock-on effects on their own and their young person’s health and wellbeing.

Responses came from 26 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, and show more than half of parents are anxious or very anxious about their young person’s transition, with many concerned that a smooth, supported transition to adulthood is unlikely under current circumstances.

In particular, families with young people leaving school this summer expressed concerns that planning had either not happened as expected or that next steps would not now be able to take place.

Other concerns parents raised were:

  • Coming out of lockdown following a long period of isolation
  • The impact of social isolation on their young person
  • Engagement with home learning
  • Longer term impact of COVID-19 on their young person’s independence
  • Finance

Many parents and carers reported a fall away of support during lockdown and having to cope with their young person’s needs as best they could, leading to increased stress, a decline in their own physical and mental health, and concerns about their ability to return to work owing to lack of appropriate support.

The report sets out actions ARC Scotland will be taking in the short and longer term to support services, young people and their families in managing the challenge of transition planning in extraordinary times.